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bee-covered man hit by dump truck

direction L.jpg

that man was so thoroughly covered with bees

seething windblown utterly silent

indistinct brownian motion

vaguely outlined against a suburban backdrop

madly waving limbs already slowing

less frantic than autonomic 

as tributaries bore poison downstream

sparking vestigial fight response

He stumbled into the intersection.

He stumbled in.

the dump trunk

a vehicle infrequently seen

on our streets

nevertheless suddenly appeared

as dread-phantoms appear out of tattered movie mist

to surprise the nominal odds

charged through a green light, it did

truck radiant with pure potential

maths heaped unasked

onto the bee-man's plate

the bee-man's plate, I say

what brought the bee-man to this juncture

he and the dump truck an ordered pair

or maybe he and the bees

one can't divine the intended theme

of these formulae. one can't.

we know that death is a plain coordinate

we are given to know that a bee-covered man so struck

moves swiftly in death through the air

unburdened in a kinetically explosive instant. 

faithless bees disperse on impact

a startled murmuring cloud.

direction r_edited.jpg
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