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cradle tune

My light and my life, my engine, my fuel,
my nearly-teen, in slouching sloth
threw her bikini into the shower stall,
left it in a wadded bunch
of folded, warm and moistened cloth
where dampened floor meets dampened wall
a Smallish Bang of genesis
in activated fold and crease
where microbes programmatically
make thoughtless love without surcease.

To think what dough we’ve spent on drills
and go-carts in the Martian idyll
awash in stupefaction there.
Inspecting stones for flatulence
on shores we dream were slimed and tidal
bacteria would shout and glare
a Walden of the very Spheres
were Dillard left to sing the song.
Amino locked in laminate!
The God we’ve prayed for all along.

“O Life!” we whelp in lumpen lust
to know what is engendered there
for all that we are dumb and doomed
and reaching out for other souls
our robots marching everywhere
in search of Life beyond this tomb
da Vinci and a golden disc
still seek a plane of morning breezes
but here we fair dismiss our germs
or flog them into sandwich cheeses.

Wondrous Martian annelid
your sacrament is Heav’n-kissed,
this your body, that your blood.
-the while our hated spores and molds
define the Earthbound shopping list
we fear the swarming things in mud
that elsewhere beg our dreams to rise
down here on Earth we’re quite afraid
of parthenogenetic life
and see it off with bargain Raid®.


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