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nasa rules

don't unscrew your gloves while outside the vehicle.


don't "drive" the spaceship. the sleep-starved guys on the ground in their crewcuts and short-sleeved shirts, hands frequently folded behind their heads in terrified attitudes of phony repose? They are driving the spaceship.


relax, but sleep lightly with one hand near the thrust actuator. like you need to be told that.


keep the earthworms fed and watered and happy and no more games.


don't get uppity, you have the ass of Captain Kangaroo in that dumb outfit. this isn't Gemini.


ignore strange sightings or at the least don't report them, we've got enough going on.


we saw your eyes tearing at the pre-launch press conference; wtf. one more of those and you're out. keep the lid on.


don’t jawbone about The Wonder in an unguarded moment. wonder is a sandwich bread. we’ve been over this.


Don't pull an Aldrin.


The fecal evacuator is not a toy. we won't tell you again.



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