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i’ve found my place in the cosmic order
marked it with a pen
content with my apprehension
of the eternal
but in the all-too-temporal process of
peeling off my tight trousers
doing the helpless
suburban man-dance
in the previous quietude
of my room
two unnaturally shiny dimes noisily fall
from a momentarily inverted pocket
ring accusingly
on the wood laminate floor
such small coins
but commandeered
by mathematics and Gravity
mysterious and inexplicable Gravity
unknowable energy field
into which the large bodies nestle
quantum thorn in the side
of the Grand Unified Theory
we know this much 
the Mystery wants to see a dropped coin
perform an eviscerating hula
each point of the milled edge
in its turn contacting the floor
in a round-robin rejection
of our race

our opposable thumbs
our dreams of flight
thanks Big Bang
these goddamned coins
rang and rang 
i had time to shout

my lavish disapproval
abrading my underworked larynx
one aging chicken leg
yet ensconced
in Tom Jones sale trousers
another scalding victory
of the inanimate
I so want to live.

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